Oleaje Flamenco - Bata Skirt Detail

Amelia Moore - Oleaje FlamencoLearn to dance Flamenco! This vigorous dance form will delight your spirit, sharpen your focus, whip your body into shape and develop wonderful musicality and personal expression. Though a high impact dance form, there are Flamenco styles to appeal to everyone regardless of age or dance experience; from raw street style improvisation to highly polished choreographies – you will learn how to make the dance your own!  Regular classes are held at our mountain retreat studio in North Bend, WA.

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“Amelia is a gorgeous, talented dancer and highly skilled teacher.  Her passion is sharing what she has learned in her years of extensive study of Flamenco dance – and she does it in a manner that is not only effective, but also inspiring.  She truly is a huge asset to the local dance community!”                   


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